5 Affordable Luxury Items for your Home

In my previous life (i.e. pre children) I used to do a lot of charity work – from summer camps for seriously ill/ recovering children to Samaritans to providing some Christmas cheer to homeless. I have never really been sure “where this need to help” has come from, but I guess it stems from the recognition, that my life is good.

My family is healthy. We are lucky enough to have a nice home in a nice area. I have two gorgeous children (I am bias of course). All is well.

So I guess charity work is my way of giving a little back. Helping others who have been less lucky than me.

At the moment I have less time for charity work, but I know that once my children are in full time schooling I will look for some charity work of sorts again. In the meantime I do adhoc things like “tea parties” for the elderly in my area or just bringing some goodies to an elderly neighbour. I hope to brighten her day a little, whilst teaching my children to take care and be thoughtful of others.

5 Affordable Luxury Items

Sometimes in life it is very important to be able to get home and relax. Whether you have had a gruelling shift in the warehouse or a soul destroying day in the office, sometimes it is nice to be able to come home to one or two luxuries.

Though most people presume that luxuries have to break the bank, this is simply not the case and with that in mind, here are five very affordable luxury items that you might very well be able to afford:

A Corner Sofa

With furniture becoming cheaper and cheaper these days, especially on the internet, more people are being able to indulge in a luxurious corner sofa; something that maybe twenty years ago was simply unheard of.

With the offering for more than one person to put their feet up while having the maximum amount of space, a corner sofa makes the perfect piece of furniture for couples or those with large families.

Of course, if you enjoy having a few dinner parties, these sofas really make entertaining not only easy, but also very enjoyable. Retailers such as overstock.com make this a more affordable option.

Blow up Hot tub

Though a personal in-built hot tub can cost thousands of pounds, you can for a relatively small fee of around £500, buy your own blow up hot tub that takes only ten minutes to set up!

Great for summer parties and BBQs, you can buy a hot tub which seats up to four to six people and heats the water up to 40°C. Lay-Z-Spa has some affordable options and some very stylish blow up hot tubs.

This means at a price which is roughly two to three thousand pounds cheaper, you can enjoy your very own hot tub and the best thing about it is the fact that it is also portable; great if you’re planning a trip to the coast at the weekend!

Portable Library

Carrying thousands of books with you isn’t easy, but you can for a relatively cheap price, carry their digital forms with you for as little as £69.

With the advent of Kindle Fire however, besides having an entire library at your fingertips, you can also access the internet, check emails and stream movies, practically turning the Kindle into a personal computer; at a much cheaper price than the overhyped iPad.

Cinema Chair

With cinema prices seemingly skyrocketing at a rate of nearly every visit, more people are taking to the likes of Netflix and LoveFilm. To support this, and themselves, people are now indulging in their very own cinema chairs.

For as little as £450 you can for your living room, buy your own leather cinema chair with a storage compartment and 3-channel wireless audio system.

Of course, if you’re a gamer and enjoy spending more than just a few minutes indulging in your favourite game, these kind of chairs are also perfect for you!

Outdoor Griddle

No one likes a rusty old barbecue sat in the corner of their garden for most of the year, but with your very own mason barbecue you can not only add a valuable cooking tool to your garden but also a very beautiful piece of architecture.

One of the hot new trends for 2019 are griddles, rather than the traditional BBQ. Don’t ask me why but the food just tastes a whole lot better on a griddle, rather than the old BBQ. Maybe it’s that authentic restaurant flavor that you´re getting.

Striking from top to bottom, brick barbeques are often the highlight of many Mediterranean gardens and with that in mind, there’s absolutely no reason why we can’t enjoy that kind of luxury here in the UK, right?

There are a whole bunch of great affordable options out there for an outdoor griddle and they cost about the same as a grill. I would definitely recommend giving it a try if you haven’t because you’ll be the talk of the town if you do!

For around £150 there’s really no reason why we shouldn’t.