About Me

I have been an astrologer for over 30 years.

When I first heard of astrology, I thought it was the same as astronomy, and in a way it is. Astrology started when ancient humanity gazed at the night sky and watched the movements of the lights in the sky. Actually, astronomy came from astrology. I was fascinated by the fact that the planets and the stars meant something other than what I was taught in my science classes.

I studied and watched as my family and friends went through their dramas and joys. I have read thousands of charts for friends and family, and I am absolutely thrilled that the chart will show what will happen in someone’s life. Occasionally, I study a chart with sadness, but comfort comes from the fact that the horoscope shows a purpose for events and how to work with them. The cosmic scheme of things make sense in the long run.

Joan was a special astrologer, and I’m honored to have studied with her. Joan came down with Muscular Dystrophy in her late teens and lived into her 40’s, well beyond the normal age for that condition. This woman was paralyzed from the neck down, and could only move her fingers and head. Joan often said that she would lie in bed at night for hours, reviewing charts, and the movements of the planets in her mind. Because she spent so much time in her mind, she was like a computer. Joan taught natal and horary astrology, and was associated with Ivy Jacobsen-Goldstein, one of the foremost astrologers of the 20th Century.  Her passion for astrology inspired me. She and Ivy brought astrology to life for me.

The astrologers of the early 1900’s were some of the best. Isabel Hickey and Fran Sakoian put it all into order, Ivy made you think, and reading Barbara Watters was like gossiping about the secrets of astrology with a friend. Even crusty old Dane Rhudyar was useful, he made you slow down and think. As a matter of fact, the first lecture I ever heard on astrology was by an astrologer whose practice was based on Rhudyar’s philosophy.

The 70’s were the days of TM, Silva Mind control, trans-mediums, such as Jane Roberts, and the upsurge of Astrology. People became aware of worlds within worlds and that brought a certain spiritual excitement, and activation of the right brain.

Then in the 80’s we started going left-brain again, and computers were just coming into use for astrologers. Up until that time, we did everything by hand, and that included all the math. That’s when I got my first sort-of computer, which looked like a tape recorder, and was hooked up to the back of the television with long black cords. That was followed by a Pet Commodore with a DOS based system, also hooked up to the television

The computer saved time on the calculations; it even calculated the progressed chart. After writing down the natal and progressed calculations listed on the TV screen, I only had to look up the transits and put everything around a blank wheel.

Printers were expensive, (black and white were the only ones on the market), so we still wrote the charts by hand, and we had to order a pad of blank charts from California. Then I found a huge plastic astrology chart template, and I would draw out a blank chart and fill it in with the horoscope information.

We were always trying to figure out ways to copy things cheaply. Finally Xerox came out with copy machines, and someone usually had one in their office, and would run off a bunch of blank astrology charts for our group.

Computers, and computer programs, just kept getting better and better. It still boggles my mind to think of the progress I’ve made since late 1997 when I got my first IBM-compatible computer with Microsoft Windows, and then a color printer. Now I’m posting articles on my own website, and creating newsletters at the touch of a button. No more typing with carbon paper on a manual typewriter for me. Wow!!

In the early 80’s, I decided it was time to put out my shingle and stop being just a student. (Although I’ll always be a student of astrology.) So I became a professional astrologer. Then the Harmonic Convergence came along, and we started on the upward spiritual path once again.

Up until the mid-90’s I was basically a modern astrologer. In the early 90’s, Rob Hand encouraged me to study classical techniques. At the time he was translating many ancient texts, and he came up with some pretty amazing stuff. Through Rob, I found Dr. J. Lee Lehman, and for the next several years I studied with her and learned many wonderful classical techniques. Thanks Rob and Lee, you have made astrology much richer and deeper for me.

When you have a love of astrology, study never stops. New things in science are being discovered all the time, and so it is with astrology — new insights, new planets, new stars, new comets and the list goes on. But even if you stay with the 7 classical planets, there is always more to learn. I love to hear what other astrologers say, and I always learn a tidbit or two, or a new way of looking at something.

I consider astrology a friend, and I often wake up with ideas about the planets and the stars in my mind. It is as if they are talking to me in my sleep, and they probably are. I look forward to my day pouring over charts, writing about the movements of the planets, or talking with my clients who want the best they can get out of life.

Getting an astrology reading is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself. Your natal chart will tell you many things about your life, both practical and spiritual, such as – why you have the relationships you do, your purpose/s here on Earth, what your profession will do for you and the world, and other matters such as money, home, family, and children.

The chart is the basis of a dynamic continuing story that enfolds as you move forward in life, and it will be a companion, friend, and teacher, if you allow it to be your guide. I  read the chart in a way that will open your soul and let your spirit flower, as well as give you the practical details that will help you in your daily life.

Frequently I hear people say that so and so, “will not do anything without astrology” as if this is negative or a dependency. To me it is a matter of doing things “with astrology”. To those people who love to use astrology I say, “Good! You are now driving through life with a dependable map”. Whether you are going in a Rolls Royce, a Range Rover, a Corvette, a Carmen Ghia, a hybrid, or a little Ford, you now have a map that will show you the best way to get to where you are going. And what a journey it will be with your astrological roadmap beside you.

The maps and tools keep getting better and better. In the 60’s we had to put our arm out the window of our car to indicate a left or right turn. Now we just turn a knob. To me that is a metaphor; we keep getting better ways to make traveling on the road easier, and astrology keeps providing better maps.

An astrology reading gives you the tools and information to help you get the best out of life, to learn to enjoy life, get through the hard times, take advantage of the good times, strive for success, understand your life processes, attract what is best for you, and to evolve and move forward spiritually. Astrology will help you understand why you are here in this New Age, and what your Ascension is about.