Bring Back Your Lost Love In Your Life With This Simple Method

Yesterday was a good day astrologically speaking. There were no exact hard, classical, aspects. (Classical aspects are the basic aspects used by traditional astrologers. They are the conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition, parallel, and sometimes the inconjunct, also know as the quincunx.) For a look at the current transits go to my Weekly Planets and Daily Moon Forecast.

I felt the good energy when I started my day, it felt wonderful. Mars is sextile Jupiter, and one of the cross quarter, Lammas, had arrived. I got a lot done, did a lot of writing, and researching, and enjoyed every minute.

Before I left to see my clients, as I was gazing out at a beautiful blue sky, I light, cool breeze, with a hint of fall. Fall in New England is beautiful, with glorious breezes, clean fresh air, and high puffy white clouds. As the breeze shifts through the trees, the leaves sparkle, and make soft rustling noises, like the sound of crinkling paper.

The sky was so clear and blue, but where are the large puffy white clouds I love? The summer sky has been rather flat, either hazy blue, overcast, or filled with huge dark thunder clouds. I don’t remember seeing any of my favorite cloud shapes all summer.

I had a longing to see these playful shapes, and thought about upcoming fall. It will be here soon with brilliant blue skies, and huge, dazzling, white clouds.

As I was driving to the healing center where I see my clients, I looked at the sky, and was startled. Wow! Everywhere I looked I saw high, puffy white clouds in all shapes and sizes, the first I’ve seen all summer.

Did I create them? Did the Universe say, let’s grant her cosmic wish? Or was I just being intuitive? Whatever. It didn’t cost me a dime; there was no entertainment charge from anyone on this Earth.

I don’t know about your area, but for the past few summers, I’ve noticed that the heat comes earlier, and the nippy fall weather starts in August. Maybe it’s the change of air currents or the jet stream, maybe it’s from global warming, maybe there’s a tad of a new tilt, but there’s not a doubt in my mind, there’s a change in the air, and I’m attracting what I love.

A Win-Win Situation and Tips for Creating

When I wrote this we were coming up to the Saturn Neptune opposition of 8/31/06.  These techniques can be applied anytime, everyday not just with Saturn and Neptune.

How do we use this for growth, rather than worrying about it? How do we get Saturn and Neptune to work together? Saturn is about work and responsibility, while Neptune is that creative nebulous world that we can’t touch, but we know it’s there. At least we hope it’s there.

Are you the type of person who enjoys doing something because you want to, just for fun, for creativity, with no deadline? However, when you feel as if you have to do it, do it for work, or you when give yourself a deadline, do you stop in your tracks, maybe procrastinate, or become blocked?

When this happens, realize that this reaction is a vibration; something is going on in your psyche. If you notice it, you’ll have an easier time dealing with it. You don’t have to go into the deep, dark reasons why you’re holding back or turning your fun to drudgery, although that will help when you have time to get around to doing an analysis.