This reading is an interpretation of the birth chart. It also includes life cycles, and a twelve month forecast based on transits, progressions and the solar chart. If you have never had your chart done before, this is for you.

$300 – 90 minutes

This is an in-depth reading of your personal natal chart, the blueprint for your life; it also includes a forecast of current events for a twelve month period.

Knowing why you are here, and how your life story will unfold, is valuable to a fulfilled and successful life.

During the reading, we discuss your talents, daily life, spiritual evolvement, your challenges and how best to meet them, your current issues, and a forecast of the months ahead with important dates. The reading includes an overview of your Solar Return, (birthday chart), which gives the theme for the current year.

The current forecast is based on the continuing movement of the planets. It will tell you what is going to happen for the next several months. It tells you when to expect windows of opportunity and when to expect challenges.

The reading consists of an interpretation of your natal chart, forecast of current events and an overview of the Solar Return chart.

Learn about such things as:

  • Relationships – romantic and/or business
  • Career, bosses, co-workers
  • Mental capabilities, the best way to study.
  • Psychic abilities and who to develop them
  • Health, wealth and happiness
  • Money and inheritance
  • Friends, family, children
  • Food, exercise, diet, weight fluctuations etc.
  • Travel
  • Success

All readings are prepaid.

The price includes a first time fee for chart preparation. 

Recordings are $15.00 and will be charged later