Getting Success In Life By Using Islamic Wazifa

This is based on an article I wrote back in 1986 on creating reality, and posted for New Year’s 2006 to help with resolutions, but it works well any time you want to do some manifesting by attracting new things, or creating a change. Creating does not have to be complicated, you can create and attract with one sentence, or one thought, or you can have some fun with pencils or paints. All it takes are a few good feelings, and the right tools, whether they be thoughts or things.

The Blueprint

I have been asked to explain what I mean by blueprint, and how to make one. A blueprint is a map of what you would like to manifest, whether it be in the physical or spiritual world. The latest buzzword is Cosmic Ordering. As an analogy, I use the blueprint an architect uses to build a house.

Creating a Blueprint – Getting Started

Create your personal, physical desires by putting a blueprint of those desires on paper. This will ground your desires so that they are easier to manifest. Go somewhere quiet and spend time creating your personal blueprints; you are the architect of your life.

Get a couple sheets of paper, pen pencil or other writing and drawing materials, and be ready to block off sections as though you are building a house. Be creative, play, and have fun. I know at times when you really need something, it’s not as easy to put yourself in a good frame of mind. Pretend you are a child with a coloring book. Create the forms to fill in. Put on your favorite music whether it be Mozart, Madonna, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Gerry Garcia, Bruce Springsteen, whatever’s current, or just enjoy the silence.

Creating a Foundation and Mapping Out Your Blueprint

1. Level One – the Foundation

Saturn stands for the foundation and that is where the architect starts.

On your first piece of paper represent a clean level ground by making sure the paper is clean and without creases.

Build the basement floor with quality materials. Just as you build the foundation of your home or business with lasting, durable materials, do this on paper by making solid black lines with a marker, or use a favorite dependable fountain or ink pen, or a pencil that never lets you down.

Fill your basement with the things that will personally support you by  writing down words such as, strong desire, continual energy to pursue goals no matter what, help and support to keep going, responsibility, increasing talent, knowledge and experience. For instance, if you want to be a successful photographer add words such as unique and incredible vision, successful composition, and technical expertise. You may want to draw things such as a huge darkroom, or needed storage space because you are so successful.

2. Level Two – Living

Going up a level, and using a new piece of paper, build the kitchen, symbolic of the things that feed your career. Get creative, add such things as a good food processor to blend and combine the elements of your design, a great stove to heat up and transform ideas, or cookbooks with recipes on how to feed the soul and sustain your vision. Write a phrase to go with each item.

In the living room draw figures to represent socializing with people who will help your career, or put in a comfortable chair where you relax and be refreshed at the end of the day so that the creative juices keep flowing.

In the dining room, draw a table with friends and relatives sharing your food [symbolic for the wisdom, joy or whatever your photos are about]. Have fun make it a round table like the one written about at King Arthur’s Court, or a long banquet table, or an intimate cozy table for dining with close friends, mentors, and supporters.

Other rooms to add – an  office with quality modern equipment to make your busy life easier, faxes, computers, printers, desk with two or more chairs in front of the desk for your clients, or maybe a home studio to take portrait photos.

3. Level Three -Intuition and Dreams

On the third level build your bedroom suite, the room where you will go to refresh, dream of the future, and get any answers you need.

4. Decorating and Refining

Now go back and do more decorating. Drawing well-built solid furniture will pull in the energy of Saturn; gold and yellow will pull in the successful energy of the Sun; unusual things and electronics will pull in the creative genius of Uranus; books, periodicals and the latest communication equipment, such as phones, brings in the energy of Mercury, [Mercury keeps you connected to other people, the higher realms, and stimulates your curiosity about life]. Something large, regal or expensive will pull in the protective and successful energy of Jupiter; your photos or other art will entice Venus, the planet of art and society; a fountain, or pictures of water or the Moon will make it personal, and touch your emotional nature to keep your positive feelings flowing.

One thing I did not mention when I first posted this article is money. For the rich and continual flow of money add something green, such as a Money Plant or something flowing such as a fountain, in the room that you frequent.

You do not have to follow the instructions exactly; you may wish to use something other than paper. I know one person who used a doll house. If you feel like being creative and have ideas for your own blueprint, follow your instincts. You may wish to use Feng Shui to place the rooms in a special way.

When finished put it away in a safe place, then look at it again after a few days. At that point you may want to add things, do some refining, or start over.

Pull out your blueprint every so often and make changes, note what has happened, or just enjoy what you have created.