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Here is an insight related to the planet Saturn. Consider this a lesson in astrology and life. I want to show you ways to read symbols and synchronicities in life. By learning to read symbols, you be will be able to change your life significantly.

As I was sitting at my computer this morning, I received a message from the stars, revealing another piece of this puzzle. Today Saturn is making a station, and Saturn is about walls and barriers. This seems quite obvious now, but at the time of the break Saturn was not ready to make a statement.

The walls, [barriers], in my home were breached, and now they must be upgraded. The structures in my life that have been keeping me safe and secure, and separate, are changing. The barriers are being broken down, and I will have a larger connection to the world. I am not alone; many barriers in my country are being broken, the levee in New Orleans was breached due to Hurricane Katrina, areas of New Hampshire in the North, and now levees in California, one of the most progressive states we have.

At the time of the water break, other aspects were taking precedence, and I did not see this. When he was ready Saturn came knocking to let me know how he was involved. Saturn was in orb of an aspect in my chart during the water break, but since he was about to make a station, the effect was a whisper, now that Saturn is stationing, I am getting a shout.

Pluto, Uranus, Mars, and Mercury were involved in this break from the start, and now Saturn is showing up to add a Saturnine flavor, and ground this experience. (Saturn is an earthy planet and keeps our feet on the ground.)

Saturn is transiting my 4th house of home, and I have known that my home would change in some way, and bring me a lesson. Well, here it is.

As I type this article and think about what this means, I look out my window, and I see huge, beautiful, snowflakes; this is important, falling rain has crystallized, which is a Saturn phenomena, unusual for this time of year in my area. I am being surrounded by Saturn. I had asked for a clear signal from Saturn, and I got it. The message is loud and clear, I now have an opening to change the structures in my life and re-connect with the world in a new way.

What I do now is accept this information, think about it, and send out an intent to follow the path that I am being led toward with perfect ease and grace.

 Look around everyday at what life is bringing you, and be willing to interpret the signals. If you don’t understand ask for a clearer message. Messages get louder until you acknowledge them.

Saturn is trine the north node today, an auspicious start for Saturn station direct, not just for me but for all of us.

If something has happened to you that you would like to understand, use astrology to discover its meaning.