Bring The Passion Back In Your Marriage With The Help Of Wazifa

This is the continuing saga of my latest lesson brought to me compliments of the outer planets, all three of which are hitting something in my natal or progressed chart. As many of you have read, my home was inundated with water in March. To read the story see the April 1st post below.

The walls have been redone and painted, the cleaners are gone. Of course, they didn’t show up until 30 days later at the next New Moon, so I guess I should consider this a fresh start.

There were so many close aspects that day that even a novice would have been able to “hit it on the money” that something big would happen. Another transit affecting me at the time was Uranus in Pisces, square my natal Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Uranus in Pisces – how apropos. Uranus is sudden unexpected breaks, Pisces is water, Jupiter makes things bigger, Sagittarius is fire. [The water break originated with a hot water heater that was not shut off when it gave out.]

This sudden break of water (emotions) led me to clean out many physical things my life, and I mean, really clean up all the crap. (Pluto was triggered that day.) I would not have done this unless forced. (I have a few fixed signs in my chart.) Do I really need to keep old papers and notes that have been filed away for years and never used, or books that I never even finished reading? (Mercury was involved.) What do I need with 30-year old dolls and stuffed bears just sitting on a shelf? (Progressed Venus and Moon were involved.) Yeah I know, maybe I could sell them on-line. But guess what? They’re being sent to Africa to make some children happy, and I am happy thinking I have a connection to some small place in Africa, well maybe a big place, but who cares, it the vibe that counts.  I donated many to charities here in the states as well. Everybody wins.

Most of my old, semi-valuable stuff went to Goodwill. I have done this once before. I gave away everything I own at my first Saturn return, except whatever I could fit in a small Ford that barely made it over the pass in Colorado on my way out West. Within 10 years I had amassed it all back 10 times over without even trying. I guess people think I run a drop-off place. Well, not this time, I am letting go, and have resolved to keep all my free space for a long time, thank you very much. Maybe I am practicing for the entrance of Pluto in Capricorn.

This water break is small potatoes compared to what some people have gone through, and this is another realization for me. The most important thing to remember is to understand what an event is saying.