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Those of you who read my column know that I encourage you to pay attention to what is going on in your life, get in touch with what you believe, and change your beliefs when it is for your higher good. This goes for me as well, and I would like to share one story that is opening up new beliefs for me, a new flow of energy, and changing my life. I hope this will encourage you look at your life, and read your symbols in a new way.

THE Universe is constantly giving us what I call ‘cues and clues’, and if we pay attention to the events that come to us, we can make breakthroughs. These breakthroughs help us change our beliefs, change our flow, and alter our path in life for the better.

Two days ago there was a major water break in my home, and 100 gallons of water flowed in through the walls. For the most part, only the walls and flooring we affected. One of the workers was very relieved that my books were not damaged, and I got a good feeling about that. Against one of the walls, I have bookcases of precious astrology books, and although the water poured down in that area, they were not touched. Hmmm… I thought, “take notice, this is a flag”. 

I was also relieved when I noticed that my computer with all my astrology data, articles, and internet connection, was also unaffected. But some of my notebooks with priceless written articles and notes were soaked. The notes were somewhat readable, and I should be able to re-do them when they dry out. This puzzled me; I thought about it, but couldn’t figure it out till now. Although this may seem like a small thing, this is an important piece to the puzzle.

The first emotion I felt when I was in the middle of the water break was surprise, then the adrenaline of damage control kicked in. When it was over, I did not feel the old emotions of rage, anger, frustration, fear or loss;  I felt a calmness and a curiosity. I knew everything would all right and that this incident was giving me information about my life path.

In the old paradigm, I would have looked at the messages to see what I had done wrong, where my thinking was wrong. [We are all going into, or are in, a new paradigm now, so instead of blaming ourselves for circumstances, we are learning to read things in a new way.] Something told me to wait and see what transpired.

Astrology has revealed an important message. The planets involved are Mercury, Pluto, Mars and Uranus.

The walls that were most affected went to the upper level. Many air tubes have been inserted into the walls to dry them, and several large air fans are on the floor, mostly in the area where I do my astrology.

Walls and barriers are symbolic of personal walls, the walls we put up to keep things out, or to keep them contained. The air tubes and fans are cleaning and clearing the walls and the spaces between them. Air is connected to mental Mercury, and I will now be able to connect with new thoughts. Barriers and boundaries are being lifted as they are infused with new air [thoughts] through the tubes inserted into the walls. The large high-speed fans in my work space are circulating a high flow of air, moving out the old, [thoughts], to bring in the new.

Mercury is the messenger of the gods, he goes back and forth between the gods and man; he acts as the bridge. What this means symbolically for me is that mental connections between my upper and lower levels, [the walls affected lead to upper levels], are being changed.

Earlier in the day, Pluto went retrograde within a degree of my Mercury. Pluto is the planet of destruction, clearing out the old ways to bring in the new. I have been wondering for some time how Pluto is going to change my mind and thoughts. Pluto  broke through my walls with 100 gallons of water enabling me to reach up to new thoughts and information.

In astrology, dynamic-acting Mars is a planet that will trigger the other planets to bring an event. It came along and contacted natal Uranus, Mercury and Pluto. Uranus causes sudden, unexpected, events that break up the old. Even though Pluto has been within a degree of my Mercury for over a year, it took Mars to come along and activate the pattern. The saying “when it rains it pours” has been on my mind, and in my conversations lately, and pour it did.

The next part of this event had to do with trust and beliefs. I have a belief that writing things out by hand is safer than using a computer. I believed that I might someday lose all my data through a computer crash. In the many years that I have been working with computers, I have never lost any information, unless it was old and no longer useful. In this flood, the only things that were ruined were handwritten astrology and metaphysical notes and articles, the ones that I wanted to keep safe.

The light bulb went on in my head. I realized that this has to do with trust, and action. I had always been taking action rather than putting out my intentions, and I was not trusting the higher power to keep things running smoothly. I was spending more time scrupulously writing out my notes to prevent loss, when it would have been much easier to put them on the computer and back them up. This seems like a small incident, but over time this tiny seed of loss and doubt may have grown into something bigger. Instead of creating a big loss down the line, I attracted a smaller loss and a good lesson.

Except for my notebooks, everything that is connected to astrology is in fine condition. This entire incident is telling me that I am making new connections to information, especially astrology, and will receive messages in a new way. As long as I don’t hold on too tight, and try to control things, everything will be perfect.

Pluto is associated with water. Pluto brought in a flow of water to make deep changes on an emotional level. Water has to do with emotions.

Two last thoughts – the number of gallons of water was 100. In numerology 9 is completion, and 10 is starting on a new level. So 100 is an even bigger jump. Water breaks are symbolic of new life.

With each day I am getting more information from the symbols of this event, and there are many more layers, some have been uncovered, some to be brought to the surface as time goes on. This is the way that astrology helps us unravel the life events. Astrology is not just about predicting events; it explains what the event means for personal evolution

We also had a solar eclipse that day, and yes, it affected my planets as well.

The Moon coming up in Gemini, a mental sign, will help me explore and play with the many surface sides of this event, and later the Moon in Virgo will help me get into the nooks and crannies.