The Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer, the hottest and muggiest days of the year in the northern hemisphere, occur between July 3 and August 11, while some say it is mid-July to early September. Why do we call them dog days? Because at this time, the constellation Canis Major, or the big dog, appears overhead in the sky. The name has been taken from “Canicularesdies” used by ancient astronomers. In the constellation, Canis Major, is the star “Sirius”, one of the brightest stars in the summer sky, meaning “seropis” or “scorching” in Greek.

The Egyptians eagerly awaited Sirius for it brought the flooding of the Nile, and fresh soil, good crops, but it was also a difficult time, a time of heat, stagnation, inactivity, and disease. They considered it a time of evil, and superstitions were passed down generation to generation. Until recently in England, Magistrates required dogs to be muzzled during this time.

But there is another event that is signaled by the dog days. For space age enthusiasts it is the time of a stargate, and for those who love the esoteric, it is a portal. Esotericists believe this is the portal through which our universe attracts all energy as it is being pulled in by the Ultimate Attractor, the Goddess. It is said that the Vortex of Sirius was closed down over 90,000 years ago, but it was not fully closed down, for a trickle of energy always comes through, and now the portal opens for a short time once every year on July 23rd, when the Sun is in Leo. If it had been shut off, the universe would have ceased.

The Sun conjuncts Sirius around July 5th paving the way for the opening of the Sirius vortex  on July 23. Take advantage of it by meditating on Sirius, or just think about it. Be open to the evolutionary energy coming through the vortex.