Twelve Signs of the Zodiac

The signs are like adjectives or adverbs, and they describe how the planets will act. They do not do anything, but give you more information about the planet.

Most people have heard of sun-signs, so let’s use that as an example. The Sun is your basic nature, which is not always obvious to the people who do not know you well. If your Sun is in the sign Aries, you like to be on the go, moving ahead, never staying with anything too long, and preferably at the head of the pack, while someone with the Sun in Capricorn is focused on a goal, and will stay with that goal until it is accomplished.

Mars is action, and if Mars is in Scorpio, action will be deep, intense and powerful and doesn’t want to stop, while Mars in Taurus is slow and plodding and will stick something out, but not in the intense way of Scorpio; Taurus is better at pacing energy.

Aries – the ram, the pioneer, at the head of the pack, centers on self, independent impatient, spontaneous, energetic

Taurus – the bull, dependable, not easily moved, strong, slow and steady stubborn, staying power, resists change

Gemini – the twins, versatile, changeable, wants to experience everything, restless

Cancer – the crab, sensitive, nurturing, easily hurt, hangs on, side-steps issues, tenacious, hides emotions

Leo – the lion, creative, warm, loves nice things, dramatic, proud, stubborn, likes to be the center

Virgo the virgin, practical, detailed, analyzes, fixes, feels flawed, fussy

Libra – the scales, social, needs harmony, friendly,  the diplomat, compromises, indecisive

Scorpio – the scorpion, intense, never gives up, secretive, researching, probing, controlling

Sagittarius – the archer, explorers, seekers, searches for meaning, philosopher, needs freedom, optimistic, enthusiastic, successful, lucky, self indulgent

Capricorn – the goat, achievers, practical, responsible, dependable, reserved, solitary, rigid

Aquarius – the water bearer, unusual, ahead of their time, independent, inventive, rebellious, eccentric

Pisces – the fish, compassionate, giving, spiritual, intuitive, dreamy, timid, foggy, nebulous

Sign Rulers

Each sign has a specific planet that is associated with or “rules” the signs. Most of the signs have only one ruler, but since the discovery of the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, three signs have what is called co-rulers. The planet that is listed first is the classical ruler, the ruler established by ancient astrologers. The outer planets have been assigned through trial and error by modern astrologers. Think of the planetary ruler as the executive in charge of the sign.

Sign – Ruler

Aries – Mars

Taurus – Venus

Gemini – Mercury

Cancer – Moon

Leo – Sun

Virgo – Mercury

Libra – Venus

Scorpio Mars and Pluto

Sagittarius – Jupiter

Capricorn – Saturn

Aquarius – Saturn and Uranus

Pisces – Jupiter and Neptune