The Ultimate Wazifa For Love Marriage To Agree Parents

Muggles and Modders

Many forms of creativity are going to change. Even though Saturn is “by the rules”, he says “if they don’t work, change them”. It’s already happening as people are making up new rules with incorrect spelling, grammar, and made up words, modders, bloggers, and muggles. Writers want fun, and don’t care what others think [Leo is all about fun]. They can now publish on the internet, and often become overnight wonders. Writing must come from the heart, [another Leo trait] or it won’t make news or sales. People are tired of time-wasting books, articles, and pamphlets, that sound like long tomes of legalese. We are now used to two-second, media sound bites, and narrow, condensed, newspaper columns.

Move Over Lucy Ricardo

The movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is a great example of zany writing. Some viewers were just shaking their heads and saying “what, huh?” and they still loved it. Snippets of the movie stood out in their minds, and that is what is important. After the movie, a child said to her parent, “I wish we could have grandparents live with us just like in the movie”.

[Just a hint – In 2009 we are going to start downsizing our material lives. We are going to get tired of too much stuff, and have problems with things that are big and empty. So maybe our grandparents will come home.]

Let’s Dance and Have Some Fun

It isn’t often that the planet Saturn has a chance to have fun. For the next two years Saturn, and Leo the entertainer, may find a way to work together, and make it feel good. Don’t fret. This is not a license for bad behavior. Saturn always leaves a string attached, so if anyone goes over the limits, Saturn will reel them in. There is a downside – Saturn change never comes without a price.

The Price Is Right

We are seeing Saturn’s price. If a person does not guard [Saturn], and respect [Leo] their individual identity, it will be stolen. Identity theft is getting to be big business. [Saturn]. If you don’t pay attention, your identity may be misused, and you will pay the price, whether it is through money, anxiety or frustration.