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You want to program yourself to notice when this is happening. It’s as simple as telling yourself to notice, to let the alarm bell go off in your head.

Have you ever programmed yourself to wake up at a certain time, maybe before your alarm goes off?

Several years ago, I programmed myself to wake up two minutes before a wake-up call. At that time, I didn’t totally trust myself, and I often wondered if it was a coincidence, even though I always woke a few minutes before the phone rang. I worked for an airline and they gave us a wake-up call two hours before flight departure. Several months after I started doing this, I woke up two minutes before the call, got up, and when the phone rang and I looked at the clock, I realized the call was thirty-five minutes late. I still woke up two minutes before the rescheduled call! This happened on several other occasions, and as the airlines experienced more and more delays, I was thankful for this technique. I often had to get up in the middle of the night after going to sleep just four hours earlier because of a delay. Our super-conscious never lets us down.

Tell your superconscious self that when you suddenly balk at something, you’ll notice the feeling, and adjust your thoughts so that you’ll feel better and do your work with ease. After doing this for a while, you’ll see that vibrations are easy to change. Think of yourself as the general or the CEO putting out a command, and those who work for you always listen and help. (If you live in Europe or the British Isles, think of this as a Cosmic Order.) We are used to wallowing in our negative emotions, but it will soon become a habit to notice and change them. This is where Neptune comes in. Neptune is that creative, unseen world that helps us do things that are not part of the physical world.

Say something to yourself like, “adjust vibration”. Pretend that everything is getting easier. Tell yourself, you want to see the joy in what you’re doing. Saturn is in Leo; Leo likes joy.

Saturn will like this very much, even though it’s not up Saturn’s alley to do the ephemeral thing. But if it gets the job done, he’s very allowing.

Saturn is opposing Neptune. An opposition means choice, and you’re choosing to take the high road, leading to success. Neptune is happy because you are doing something “out of this world”. Saturn is happy because you are meeting your goals. It’s a win-win situation. The see saw of the opposition is now balanced.

This does not mean that you won’t have other challenges with the opposition, but the energy is now channeled in such a way that whatever else happens, things will be easier to deal with.