What can astrology do for me?

Astrology can be used for many purposes. It can give you valuable self-knowledge, i.e., greater understanding of yourself and deeper insight into your problems. It can analyze a relationship, provide assistance in choosing a career, select an auspicious wedding date.

Some astrologers specialize in finding lost items, such as a lost piece of luggage. As a predictive tool, transits to the natal chart shows the possibilities and timing of future events. There are many ways in which one can benefit from astrology.

One of astrology’s greatest applications lies in the area of psychology and self-help. As a method of self-analysis, it is incomparable in its ability to quickly uncover deeply embedded mental patterns that impact our lives. It is a very powerful psychological “search engine”.

One or two focused readings can raise a person’s self-awareness to a level that would take much longer by traditional methods, such as psychotherapy. Astrology cannot solve your problems for you, but the information delivered in a focused reading can be used as a foundation upon which the person can make intelligent choices, and thus gain more control over their lives

Which type of reading is best for me?

It is really a matter of personal preference and logistics.  Unless you are in the general Sacramento, CA area an in-person reading is probably not feasible.  Readings which are provided via phone are personal and can be interactive; however, a one hour interactive reading may not yield the volume of information available on a one-hour audio tape, plus an audio tape allows you to review the reading multiple times at your leisure.

There is much detail in a one-hour reading, and even a good note-taker may not be able to absorb everything from a reading delivered in-person.

An audio tape of a telephone reading is available if requested at the time the order is placed.  A shipping and handling charge is added to the total for this service.
Note: PoleStar does not have the equipment necessary to record both sides of the conversation during a reading, so you will only hear our side of the reading.

How important is an accurate birth time?

An accurate birth time is VERY IMPORTANT.  If there is any other way of expressing the importance of an accurate birth time, I don’t know what it is.  A difference of only five or six minutes can change the birth chart significantly, resulting in an inaccurate reading that does not reflect you!  Your best source for the correct birth time is your birth certificate.

Can’t find your birth time?

Even if the time isn’t on the birth certificate, sometimes the state recorded the time. eMailArbutus and she will provide you with information for your birth state which will point you in the right direction to obtain your birth certificate.  Make sure to include both your place of birth AND date of birth in your eMail.

What is a Natal Chart?

A Natal Chart, or horoscope, is simply a diagram of the heavens as it appears from the earth at the moment of your birth at the place where you were born.

Physically, the horoscope consists of a circular diagram, or flat wheel, which is divided into twelve sections, or areas of life, referred to as houses.  Each house, or area of life, is influenced by the zodiacal sign (or signs) that was appearing in that house at the moment of birth.  The Sun, Moon and Planets are distributed around the wheel, according to their position at birth, and are indicated on the flat wheel by glyphs.

This diagram or map is used to determine the characteristics of the person and to ascertain what is likely to happen under certain astrological conditions.  The exact time of birth and exact birthplace is absolutely vital to erecting an accurate horoscope.

Planetary positions change quickly, and an error of only four minutes may result in a chart that does not match the person.  This can cause the client to doubt the validity of astrology, and result in hours of wasted effort on the part of the astrologer.  The time of birth is best taken from the birth certificate.