What is a Lunar Standstill?

A lunar standstill is based on the measure of the highest and lowest distance of the Moon from the Earth during a two-week period. This distance is called declination. When the maximum difference between south and north declination of 57 is reached, a standstill occurs. The Moon is either as low as it can get in the sky, or as high as it can get. The difference in the Moon is noticeable by its size, and how close or far it is to the Earth. Go out and look up at the sky at night. For instance, in the summer of 2006, as the Moon sinks, it looks like a huge ball, skimming the horizon.

This year (2006) is a lunar standstill year. Southern standstills for 2006 are 3/22, 5/16, 6/12, 7/9 and 9/29. The major northern standstill is 9/15/06.

Standstill happen every 18.6 years. The next standstill year will be 2025. The beginning of the September standstill is within two days of a Lunar eclipse. The 9/29 standstill is 7 days after the Solar Eclipse.

It has been found that many of the ancients set up stone structures to follow the standstills. The Anasazi  carved out a cave as a calendar of the Moon and its standstills. Callanish in the British Isles has another standstill calendar.

Standstills, like all unusual astrological events, bring intensity, powerful reactions, and sometimes extreme weather conditions. When all the aspects look decent but drastic events still occur, look to the the lunar standstill for answers.

During a standstill year, you’ll notice a difference in your emotions all year, but especially at the standstills. At times they’ll be unusually quiet, and at times they act up.

If you meditate or channel, there will be a difference as well; sometimes things come easily, and at other times you’ll feel as if you’re alone. Our Moon is a satellite and amps things up. Notice how it works for you. For some people, the highest point will bring a flood of information and connection, while for others the lower points bring more. One clue is your feelings when the Moon is low, do you feel low? When the Moon is high do you soar and feel closer to spirit? Or is it vice versa? And some people frequently feel calm, but disconnected.

Notice where the standstill is in your chart, and what aspects it’s making. That will be the area of your life that is highlighted.

Try to stay emotionally balanced and connect with source. Major mishaps at this time have to do with the emotions more than mental or physical errors