What is Healthy Loving?

Healthy loving is creating opportunities to grow individually and together by making a continuing commitment to foster patience and kindness, and making conscious choices to respond to each other as lovers and friends.

Healthy loving is setting priorities in your life so that there is time to create a safe and intimate environment for the ongoing discovery of each other.

Healthy loving is appreciating, respecting, and valuing your partner’s thoughts and feelings, even when you don’t approve or agree with each other.

Healthy loving is encouraging your partner to grow as an individual even when you may feel threatened by their new directions. It is believing in them even when they don’t believe in themselves.

Healthy loving is being responsible and accountable for your own life; the degree to which you experience happiness, love, joy, and growth both for yourself and for your relationship.

Healthy loving is recognizing the need for playfulness, spontaneity, and providing pleasure for each other, thus creating moments that nurture, encourage, and support the relationship.

Healthy loving is choosing not to manipulate or control each other.

Healthy loving is recognizing that being open and vulnerable makes a relationship intimate and special. This requires a willingness to risk being hurt, rejected, and even feeling unloved.

Healthy loving is trusting your love for each other so you can see beyond anger, fear and disappointment and overcome the obstacles inherent in any loving relationship.

Healthy loving is recognizing that love is never enough. It is being willing to learn the skills that are necessary for nurturing and sustaining an intimate and mutually satisfying relationship.

Healthy loving is creative problem-solving through negotiation which leads to a mutually acceptable agreement. It is sharing in decision making and taking equal responsibility for the results.

Healthy loving is aspiring to live in truth and harmony. It is giving freely, receiving graciously, and being thankful, day after day, for the opportunity to be together.