Working With Mirrors and Elephants

Many of you know that I often talk about mirrors, and I’m not talking about the kind that you use when you are combing your hair or straightening your tie. I am referring to mirrors that become symbols and synchronicities, the kind that give you personal and mundane information. Have you ever had a life event that reflects a belief or issue that you are working on? This event is a mirror that shows you how you’re doing  in life so that you are able to move quickly through an experience. 

All right, let me give you a little exercise with a real-life mirror to help you understand this principle. Get a painting that you are able to hold in your hands, concentrate on it for a few minutes, then take it over to a physical mirror, and hold it up so that you can see it. What do you see? Do you see a difference? The mirror is reflecting back a new view, and you will observe things you didn’t notice before. This is a technique that artists frequently use to critique their work; it helps them see what is good, and what needs adjusting. With the mirror technique they are able to make truthful decisions about what needs to be changed. Life may be the illusion, Mirror may be the reality.

Everyday life brings us many mirrors, and they can be a lot of fun to work with once you get the hang of it. There are personal mirrors, and there are political, or world, mirrors. I am going to tickle your mind with the following story that brings up a mirror involving a political situation First I will show you the crisis, then tell you the story, and then give you the solution.

The Political Crisis 
For the past few weeks our attention has been inundated with Capitol Hill and White House shenanigans. Recently on the political website, dailymailDoug Thompson had a great article, called, A  Sick Dying Elephant“. This article is actually a story about the bloated egos of – guess who? – politicians. Keep the title of this article in mind, it will be great metaphor. 

The Mirror
Last month, I read an article on Maggie, an elephant in an Alaskan zoo. I love elephants and the article flagged my attention.  Something in my gut told me to really think about it, but with all the things going on in the world, I just put this little tidbit on a shelf, in the back of my mind.  It didn’t let go; it kept nagging at me until I finally brought it to light and got an “aha”! 

Maggie is 1,000 pounds overweight and on the road to serious health problems. They had put her on a diet, and she lost the 1,000 pounds, but they knew that was not enough. Finally they decided to put her on an exercise regime with a gigantic, elephant treadmill built by a mining company in Idaho. I really like this elephant.

A Few Astrological Symbols
Saturn is in Leo now trimming images and identities that don’t work. Saturn didn’t just  trim Maggie down, he also made sure the treadmill was built by a mining operation. For those of you who are not familiar with astrology let me point out that Saturn is associated with mining and making things smaller. How’s that for modern tech and astrology symbolism coming together ?
[Astrologers take note – this is the fun part of your craft –the planets, stars and zodiac signs constantly help you creatively interpret everyday life on many different levels.] 

The Solution
We will add the Moon to the mix. Currently the Moon is  in the sign Sagittarius of positive attitudes and athletic activity. This means that the celestial bodies are bringing an opportunity to those in public office to pay attention to where they are treading, and to see if their big plans [Sagittarius rules over big plans ] are getting them in trouble. They must honestly and truthfully trim the “fat”, [Sagittarius expands ideas and waistlines] and do it now while Sagittarius is on their side. I wonder who the political miner will  be who helps them out? This is the advice I would give them if they came to me as a client

An article in CNN said, “It’s not easy being a pudgy pachyderm” and Saturn says, it’s too easy being a , “too big for your britches”,  politician. If you want to know the group I am referring to think of Elephants. But honestly, both sides are at fault.

How to Work with Mirrors
The fun thing about a mirror is that it gives you something to toss around in your mind, a puzzle at first ,but then the light bulb goes on, and after that the interpretation becomes your own. The above story may be applied to everyone and everything, not just elephants and — ummm –elephants. Ponder, play, puzzle, connect the dots and the metaphors, and enjoy. Let life be seriously funny. [Saturn in Sagittarius or maybe Jupiter in Sag likes to be good at play]

A final word
Soon the Moon will be going into the cosmic trimmer, Capricorn. If people don’t start trimming down their many egos, Saturn, the ruler of  Capricorn, will do it for them, and Saturn is known to topple those at great heights. If they know what is good for them, they will start doing this on their own.  As I mentioned in my previous article, “Saturn in Leo”, Saturn is going through a two-year period of cutting down big egos, especially if they are self-serving, going nowhere, or with no purpose. And don’t underestimate the power of the Moon to assist Saturn in its work.